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10 Everyday COVID Safety Tips to Follow so you Can Still Enjoy Life

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Since COVID-19 hit us last year, our lives changed completely. Our reality was turned upside down. The pandemic is still here and there aren’t any signs that it’s going to go away soon. Lockdown made life harder for most of us, staying at home, avoiding contact with people, and fearing that if we get out we might get infected. While our lives are not the same anymore, that doesn’t mean that we need to let circumstances stop us from living. If you take precautions to stay safe, you can still do the majority of the activities you used to do before all this madness., there’s always a solution. So, here are ten COVID safety tips you can use to still go out and enjoy your life during this pandemic.  

1. Wear a Mask

You might be sick and tired of hearing this phrase already. But wearing a mask every time you go outside makes a big difference. You get infected with COVID once your eyes, nose, or mouth get in contact with the virus. Wearing a mask prevents the virus from getting close to any of those areas. People are not the only ones who can carry the virus, spores can be in the air, meaning that you need to be careful at all times, with or without people near.  


2. Wash Your Hands

Another important step that you might’ve heard a lot by now too. We touch everything with our hands, bacteria, dirt, other organisms, including the virus. Then, we proceed to touch our faces out of habit. Something as simple as that can end up in being infected with the virus. That’s why medical professionals emphasize so much washing our hands with soap, to get rid of anything bad there before we transport it to the face.  

3. Always Bring Hand Sanitizer 

When you go out, you won’t always have available water and soap to wash your hands, that’s where hand sanitizer comes in. Hand sanitizer helps you eliminate most of the bacteria and harmful agents that are on your hands. However, you have to use hand sanitizers that can destroy COVID spores. Ideally, look for those who have a 70% concentration of alcohol. Use it every time you feel the need to, especially after touching surfaces in supermarkets, restaurants, and other places you can find a lot of people in.  

4. Read Local Guidelines 

Before you actually go outside, it’s a good idea to check the local guidelines and rules of the places you want to visit, supermarkets, restaurants, parks. That way, you know what their safety measures are, opening time, closing time, and restrictions. Basically, it’s a great way of answering all the questions you might have, and then go prepared.  

5. Stay Close to Home and Explore Less Crowded places

Try to go to places that are near your house so the risk of exposure is less. Don’t go to places that are crowded. If you go to a restaurant, maintain your distance. Generally, once you’re out of your house it’s best to not remove the mask, but if you’re going to eat outside, be aware of your surroundings, don’t get close to people, and enjoy your meal safely. Sanitize your hands after you’re done and don’t touch any surfaces if you can.  Pick up activities in wide open places like hiking. 

go to less crowded places for a covid safety tip

6. Physical Distancing 

Stay away from people, as simple as that. It might be tempting to go hang out with friends outside but you have to understand that right now it’s not the smartest idea. It doesn’t matter how healthy a person might look, you never know who is infected. Staying away from people equals staying away from the virus. If you don’t get in contact with the virus, you won’t infect anyone else the virus won’t be spread.  

7. Don’t Touch your Face with Unwashed Hands 

Touching your face it’s a habit and chances are you’re going to do it unconsciously. That’s why it’s so important to always sanitize or wash your hands before touching your face as the virus could be in your hands after touching surfaces outside.  

8. Sanitize your House

Touching your face it’s a habit and chances are you’re going to do it unconsciously. That’s why it’s so important to always sanitize or wash your hands before touching your face as the virus could be in your hands after touching surfaces outside.  

9. Don’t Touch Outdoors Surfaces 

This might be a little bit difficult to do if you’re going to go to closed places such as supermarkets, restaurants or businesses. Eventually, you’ll have to touch something, if you do, remember to clean your hands. But if you’re going to a park, for example, there’s no need to touch anything, it’s better to stay away from surfaces since you don’t know if a person infected with the virus has touched it.  

10. Order Take-out 

You don’t necessarily need to eat at the restaurant. Although, you can totally do that if you take the safety measures already mentioned. Nowadays, most businesses have a take-out service, you can go, grab your food and eat somewhere else that doesn’t have many people around. You can do that and still be outside of your house. If you remember what to do once you get out of your house, there’s nothing to worry about. Just focus on enjoying the moment.  

Just because we are in a middle of a pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life. Follow these COVID safety tips and take precautions as we wait for the vaccines.

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