Hairdressing Shears (Non Sharpening) 7″ (Light Blue Rings)


MAKE PERFECT CUTS EVERY TIME: This beautiful and elegant hair cutting shears set is made of hand-sharpened Japanese stainless steel, which keeps its sharp edge for up to 5 times longer than conventional stainless steel. These high-quality blades will never lock up or dull, delivering a precise cut every time.

SHARP, SMOOTH, AND EFFECTIVE: These shears will surpass any other shears in their class thanks to a well polished blade and a uniquely built Culton tension adjustment screw. We put extra effort into our product so you can focus on becoming more productive.

CUT HAIR COMFORTABLY: Because these quality scissors were created for professionals, you can shear all day without getting tired. These comfy and simple shears will allow you to cut a day’s worth of hair without straining your hands or shoulders, making them the ideal hair cutting scissors for professionals.


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